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Most Beautiful Greasemonkey Script in the Room

January 27, 2009

Looking round room,
I can tell that this
is the most beautiful greasemonkey script in the…room.
In the whole wide room

Remember that Greasemonkey script I wrote that adds # of unread @replies to Twitter? Well, I just made it 182370245 times better. Version 0.2  adds a mentions tab that includes the updates with your username in them, but aren’t @replies. Now, you won’t miss it when other people RT you or include you in a list of names!

It works by doing a search on @username at and removing the @replies.

Your Mentions

Your Mentions

You can download and install the script at

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Friendfeed.


Add Profiles to Friendfeed

July 4, 2008

Friendfeed doesn’t have user profiles, yet. The second best thing to do? Use this Greasemonkey script to see people’s Twitter bio on their FF user page. You can download it from Also check out my other Friendfeed GM scripts, including better recommended and better subscribed to me.

Add Profile to Friendfeed

Download script

Friendfeed Greasemonkey Scripts

June 29, 2008


New! From the creator of Better Friendfeed “subscribed to me” is an even potentially cooler script, Better Friendfeed “recommended”. Sick of Friendfeed’s dull, static recommended page? Use “better recommended” to ACTUALLY find some interesting friends! How does it work, you ask? It loads up your subscriptions, then loads up your subscriptions’ subscriptions, and lists in order the most popular subscriptions that your subscriptions are subscribed to! WTH did you just say, you ask? I have no clue; it’s 5am on a Sunday! YAY!

Anyway, you can install Better Recommended here.

Better Friendfeed \

…or Better Subscribed To Me here.

Better subscribed to me

…or Add Favicon to FriendFeed Room links here.

Favicon for Friendfeed Rooms

…or Add FriendFeed Profile here.

Add Profiles to Friendfeed

Plurk Mobile Greasemonkey Script to Display Your Karma And More

June 20, 2008


I use Plurk mobile rather than the regular site on my computer because it’s cleaner and more readable, but it’s missing a bunch of features. I started writing a greasemonkey script to add in some of those missing features.

Version 0.1 displays your karma, karma change, and a “Me” link in the top nav that displays just your own plurks.

Updated 6/24/08: Version 0.11 adds Emoticons.

You can download the script from

Plurk Mobile v0.11

Redbox Greasemonkey Script Adds Movie Rating, Ranking, and Quantity Left

June 4, 2008

Script Updated: July 13, 2009


I updated my Redbox greasemonkey script tonight with a fix, so it works again. In addition to adding the movies’ Yahoo ranking, I’ve also added its movie rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, etc) and quantity of DVDs left for each movie. Just make sure you select your location/kiosk for the Qty to show up.

Here’s a screenshot of the mod.

Redbox Greasemonkey Mod

You can install the script from

Remove Dupes from Google Reader using Greasemonkey

May 30, 2008

Google Reader


I find it annoying to see the same stories duplicated in my Google Reader, especially now that I subscribe to many popular/recommended feeds (RSSmeme,, TwitBuzz, Twitt(url)y, ReadBurner, Hacker News) along with my regular feeds.

So, I started a Remove Dupes from Google Reader greasemonkey script back in February. Greasemonkey is a Firefox addon that allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

I just updated it to version 0.2 today with a couple of changes:

  • moved Remove Dupes button next to the Refresh button
  • dupes: mark as read, but no longer hides them (fix keyboard j,k bug)
  • finds more dupes by splitting symbols (-, |) this is really helpful if you subscribe to Twitt(url)y
  • more helpful firebug console output (ie. # dupes removed)

You can install this script from

My other greasemonkey script is for adding ratings to the RedBox website.

Let me know what you think!