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Slow Networking

April 18, 2016

You may have heard of movements like slow money and slow food. I’ve started to apply a similar philosophy to networking and communications.

In the past month, I’ve deleted my LinkedIn and AngelList accounts due to their use of dark patterns. I’ve also downgraded from an iPhone to a simpler flip phone. With these changes, I feel less distracted and more able/engaged reading physical books and long-form blogs. At events, there’s no more excuses to be staring down at a smartphone; instead, I’m readjusting to rely on good old-fashioned face time.

At a recent meeting, everyone else brought their laptops and were busily using them during the meeting. I only had a pad of paper and a pen. It didn’t feel like people were present staring at their screens. There was no eye contact at all. What’s the point of having an in person meeting if people are that distracted?

So far, the benefits of disconnecting and slowing down seem to be outweighing the cons. Over the next year, I’m considering deleting my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’m also experimenting with using my own email server and slowly moving off Gmail for privacy reasons.


Google Charts Rick Roll

June 16, 2008


Rick Roll using the Google Charts API.

Full Size Pie Chart

Remove Dupes from Google Reader using Greasemonkey

May 30, 2008

Google Reader


I find it annoying to see the same stories duplicated in my Google Reader, especially now that I subscribe to many popular/recommended feeds (RSSmeme,, TwitBuzz, Twitt(url)y, ReadBurner, Hacker News) along with my regular feeds.

So, I started a Remove Dupes from Google Reader greasemonkey script back in February. Greasemonkey is a Firefox addon that allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

I just updated it to version 0.2 today with a couple of changes:

  • moved Remove Dupes button next to the Refresh button
  • dupes: mark as read, but no longer hides them (fix keyboard j,k bug)
  • finds more dupes by splitting symbols (-, |) this is really helpful if you subscribe to Twitt(url)y
  • more helpful firebug console output (ie. # dupes removed)

You can install this script from

My other greasemonkey script is for adding ratings to the RedBox website.

Let me know what you think!