About Me

I’m a web developer interested in regenerative enterprises, permaculture, design, and psychology. I’m working at startup Apitronics building the internet of things for farming.

Email me:

  • detectx [ta] gmail [tod] com

Call me:

  • 781.69-oh.935-oh

Instant message me:

  • GTalk: detectx

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3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. […] stuff. And WordPress seems perfect. But I didn’t want all that work to go to waste. Enter Hao Chen. What an awesome guy. He has written code to enable Tiumblr users to save their posts as an XML file […]

  2. profdodd Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing how to move blog entries from Tumblr to WordPress. I just moved 20 months of my Tumblr blog to thoughtsonteaching.wordpress.com. I’m so glad I could add my Tumblr entries to my new blog. I did have one problem I hope you can help me with. Some of the entries came in as duplicates in a large font. This most often happened with captions for photos.

    • Hao Says:

      I see what happened. The large font are post titles. In the case where a Tumblr entry is a photo type, it uses the photo caption as the post title. There are a couple of possibilities I could do: 1) leave the post title as Untitled for photos, 2) Truncate and limit the post title to a certain number of characters (but still based on the photo caption). Can you think of any others?

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