The Journey

April 17, 2014

My sustainability journey started by watching Story of Stuff. It helped me ask, “how is stuff made?” Understanding “why is stuff made?” led me to research “what is money?” More educated about money, I looked into our fossil fuel addicted economy. Scared out of my mind after researching peak oil and climate change, I started looking for solutions, yet only found more problems with our industrial food system. Then, I discovered permaculture. One of the principles of permaculture is “the problem is the solution.” Regional foodsheds built on real relationships supplied by regenerative farming is one piece of the puzzle. There are over 40+ regenerative agricultural practices that can build topsoil, sequester carbon, provide nutrient-dense food, reduce fossil fuel reliance, increase biodiversity, increase yields, cleanse water, and many more benefits. Can agriculture be the problem as well as the solution? I think so. To find out, my current journey has led me to the hidden world under out feet, soil. Stay tuned!


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