Grass is always greener

April 6, 2014

…on the other side. Yet when we get there, often times we realize our perceptions deceive us and it was only a trade off. A dichotomy in our human-ness makes us seek stability and improvement at the same time. We know that staying the course with “business-as-usual” mentality will lead us to unadaptable climate change for us. Social and political unrest over access to resource scarcity will cause violent conflict and mass migration to “greener pastures.” The oceans have absorbed most of the carbon in the air, yet we’ve burdened it to the point of ecosystem collapse through ocean acidification. Where then can we put the carbon? What about in theĀ grass itself? What if it was possible to capture and sequester carbon in the prairie grasses and soil itself, increasing natural capital and relieving socioeconomic pressure? Management-intensive grazing experts says yes. In his TED talk, Allan Savory talks about how Holistic Management can help reverse desertification and global warming. Understanding the relationships in our natural ecosystems, including those between carbon, water, soil, grass, and herbivores, will help us create the abundance and greener world we know is possible.


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