Reading List

March 7, 2014

I love learning about the world through reading. At any given time, I’m reading or listening to many books. Here’s a snapshot of my current reading list. Have you read any of these books? Let’s discuss!


3 Responses to “Reading List”

  1. karenclassic Says:

    Thanks for sharing these great titles! I haven’t read any of them… based on your post, I’ve added these to my wish list.

    I purchased Running Lean based on your recommendation. It seems similar to 2 books I recently read and loved – “The Innovators Dilemma” and “Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love.” Both focus on innovation: One through small actions an individual can take to add substantial, differentiating value (“Great Work”) and the other about how innovation sometimes requires looking at the world in a way that’s counter-intuitive to what we’ve been taught in the past (“The Innovators Dilemma”).

    You might enjoy a book I recently read: “The Presidents Club.” It’s about how current presidents use the talents & advice of previous (living) presidents. Although it’s considered a book about politics, I also found it to be an inspiring business book about the value of collaboration. I was surprised by how much I loved this book!

    Thanks for the interesting articles you post to your blog!

  2. Nice post Hao. I’ll check out Running Lean. Curious to see how it’s similar different from the Lean Startup.

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