Future Teachers

February 14, 2014

I was talking with a friend on the topic of education. One problem is that primary education teachers with 15 years experience in the US make an average annual salary of $45,225. When he’s president, he’d pay teachers 3x what they’re making now. Basically, as a society, putting much more value on education. I agreed education has many long-term benefits. This got me thinking. What would future teachers look like and do a hundred years from now?

In the future, I believe we’ll make the transition from a culture that values making a killing living to something more akin to the gift economy. When that happens, teachers will have the opportunity to do what they love and be truly valued for it. They will incite curiosity in young minds to question, learn, and grow. They will guide our culture to explore both intellectually simulating and whole-hearted, purposeful experiences in the beautiful world we live in. They will instill values of earth stewardship, generosity, and well-being. The teachers of the future will be the mentors and elders of our society who have mastered and applied their skillful art of storytelling, play, communication, and all other worldly things. They will be rewarded with trust, gratitude, reciprocation, status, and recognition for the thousand acts of kindness they do, day in, day out. That will be the day when society truly values education and the role of teachers.


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