The Edge of Science and Consciousness

January 31, 2014

Heart Mind Torn Apart - wallpaper-2450469

I’ve been getting more and more interested at the intersection of where our minds and hearts meet. Reading the work of Charles Eisenstein (all his books are free to view online), I get the understanding that technology will not be able to solve all our interconnected problems and am open to the possibilities created by love and compassion.


On Being had a great podcast on Teilhard de Chardin on The “Planetary Mind” and Our Spiritual Evolution that’s worth a listen.


There is a old Amazon legend of the Condor representing the heart and the Eagle representing the mind, where the two cultures diverge, and one getting so powerful, it almost destroys the other. Then after 500 years, it is prophesied that they will come together and dance for the potential to create a whole new level of consciousness.


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