Meditating and Tiny Habits

December 13, 2013

Had breakfast and lunch with friends today. Both times, the topic of meditation had come up during conversation. Each time, they talked about how transformational it is in their lives.

Couple of weeks ago, I started to form a tiny habit for meditation. As BJ Fogg says, start small (ie. want to form a habit of flossing? put out one strand of floss on the bathroom counter each night (add trigger), and just floss one tooth (make ability to do easy) each morning. when you get a hang of it, floss two, etc) This is really good for new habit formation via GreenDot -> BlueDot -> BlueSpan -> BluePath (see behavior grid). Following this technique, for meditating, I choose, after waking up, I will meditate for one minute (I use Insight Timer app). After about two weeks, I’m now at two whole minutes. I haven’t yet realized the benefits of meditation, but hopefully forming the habit of meditating will increase my chances of sticking to it for the long term, and when I get to 15-30 minute meditations, I’ll start to feel the transformation. :)


3 Responses to “Meditating and Tiny Habits”

  1. […] we begin a new chapter and reflect on the past year, many of us are thinking about resolutions and changing behaviors. We hear the typical, I will go to the gym more, eat healthier, be a better parent/spouse/etc. All […]

  2. […] been doing well forming my meditation tiny habit. Here’s a few screenshots of the Insight Timer stats for the past […]

  3. […] having each of us find a spot, sit there in the snow, and just observe nature. I plan to create a tiny habit of doing sit spot in my background to observe the environment where we’ll be growing food. […]

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