Earth Games

November 8, 2013

A game has rules, constraints, and challenges. To play a game is mostly a conscious, voluntary action. Earth has it’s own rules (gravity), constraints (atmosphere), and challenges (evolution). We as individuals in society voluntarily participate in daily interactions that have rules (social norms), constraints (physical, mental, emotional), and challenges (physiological, safety, love, esteem, self-actualization). What if we’re inside some sophisticated game? Are we the actual player of the game or are we a character in the game thinking we have agency yet are being manipulated by something greater than ourselves? Luckily, even if we end up in game over mode, we only put ourselves and some innocent bystander species at risk of extinction. Earth will be fine. The game will continue. Maybe the player will select a new race to play next time. I heard crows are pretty smart.


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