I blog or you get free lunch

October 25, 2013

Reading Navigating the Coming Chaos: A Handbook For Inner Transition, I’m motivated to start journaling again. Taking a behavioral economics MOOC, I’m mindful of the intention-action gap and the need to have strategies to help us cross that chasm. The plan is to write one blog post per week on Fridays starting today. I’ve added it as a repeating event on my calendar (pre-commitment). To resist the urge to not follow thru each Friday, right before writing a post, I’ll give myself a motivation boost by reading one of my posts from a year ago, which will re-iterate the benefits of long-term blogging. As incentive not to fail, if you catch me not blogging once a week, publicly shame me, and your next lunch is on me!*


* Email/tweet me exaggerating how much you enjoyed your lunch to inflict maximal regret on me along with cost of meal (up to $25), and I’ll send you the equivalent bitcoins. I cannot be at the lunch; however, you are encouraged to have other guests with you. Maximum one shame per person per week and four total shames per week. First come first serve. You agree to have your message re-posted on a wall of shame.


One Response to “I blog or you get free lunch”

  1. […] I’ve been successfully blogging and giving something away (using yerdle now too) once a week. This stuff works […]

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