Recent Hacks

April 9, 2013

January 25 – 27, at Global Game Jam 2013 MIT, our 3-person team built What The Frack, a simulation about fracking (hydraulic fracturing). In this web-based game, you are given scenarios, playing the role of government to make informed decisions for all your constituents. GitHub.


Team members: Bernie Dodge, Kristin Osiecki, Hao Chen

Apr 5 – 7, at Boston Cleanweb hackathon, our 5-person team built MapMyEnergy, a web app for home-owners and home-buyers to see estimated energy rating (HERS) effects on home valuations. Tech used: Rails, Bootstrap, Postgres, Heroku, Zillow API, Google Maps API. GitHub.

Team members: Kenn Butler, Sidd Tewari, Brian Butler, Hao Chen, and Daniel Stallworth (missing). In the back: Matt Liebhold, Mark Vasu.

Next up, I’m looking forward to AngelHack Boston Spring 2013 in June!


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