Joining Practically Green

December 14, 2012


I’m excited to announce I’ll be joining Practically Green as a front end developer and working with an awesome team including Susan Hunt Stevens, Fabian Perez, Aaron Graves, Liana Reda Leahy, Sarah Finnie Robinson, Rajiv Manglani, Nick Adams, Kelsey Russell, Kendall Bryant, Corey Hanson, Phil Duffy, Maureen Oakes, and many others!

THANK YOU to the following people who have helped support me during my job search by generously sharing their time, advice, and connections: Michel Rbeiz, Brian Shea, Bennett Sikes, Brian Gladstein, Christine Moses-Chen, Kate Aurigemma, Bobbie Carlton, Natalija Jovanovic, Ash Edmonds, Sharon Rbeiz, Emmy Jonassen, Anshuman Sharma, Scott Seiffer, Rodd Halstead, Glen Dudek, Nate Aune, Eric Kachel, Jonathan Hendler, Tong Yu, Adam Champy, Colin  Brauns, Lulu Chen, Matt Veitas, PK Shiu, Nick Fogler, Carolyn McCarron-Fraser, Mike Bruny, Cliff Lee, Ryan Traeger, Chris Requena, Alexis Borys, Jake Berry, Denis Haskin, Ethan Bagley, Leah Ratnofsky, and many others. I appreciate you!


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