Great Design Shapes Us

July 5, 2012

This morning my mom walked across a crosswalk and got hit by a car. She is alive and well. Fractures in left tibia and right talus bone. It could have been much worse. The doctors and nurses did a great job today. She will hopefully be back on her feet in three months after a few surgeries and some physical therapy. Makes one think about how short and precious life can be and to cherish every day as a gift…

Anyway, I saw the most peculiar thing at the hospital. As I was standing a couple yards away from mom, watching all the doctors walk in and out of the room, I noticed one doctor doing something on his iPhone. The techs had just finished taking digital X-rays of mom and had it up on the screen of their giant, rolling X-ray machine. The doctor with the iPhone looks up at the monitor with the X-ray image, starts tracing all the bones with his fingers to make sure nothing looks abnormal. Then he wants to zoom into the image for a closer look, so intuitively he did the pinch gesture on the screen. Nothing happens. He seems confused. The tech helps out by pushing the Zoom In button, which is not even on the screen, but a whole arm-length away hidden among 20 other similar looking buttons. Ok, done with this X-ray image. Next X-ray image. Thumbnail image looks good. He does the pitch gesture AGAIN trying to zoom in. This time he must know it’s not how this machine is designed, but he can’t help himself because it’s how his mind expects ALL machines to work now! See how powerful the effect of Apple’s intuitive design and user experience can have on us? The techs can’t help but to crack a smile and push the zoom in button again, and they all share a laugh together.


3 Responses to “Great Design Shapes Us”

  1. Fergus Says:

    Sorry to hear about your mum.

    Perhaps the Tetris effect also has something to do with it. Have you ever walked out on the street and thought about stealing a car right after playing GTA?

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