Social Media Songs

August 22, 2008

Here is a compilation of songs related to or inspired by social media. OK, and one about the iPhone. I couldn’t help it. Don’t hate me.

Social Media Mogul by Rahsheen

Listen to Social Media Mogul on


ScobleizerREmix by Sonciary Honnoll

Listen to ScobleizerREmix on Facebook MP3


The Twitter Song by Alana Taylor


You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter by Ben Walker


Facebook Gangsta by Nick Miller


Social Media Addiction Rap by Chuck at Pop Labs


3G iPhone Blues REMIX by Leah D’Emilio


New Friend Request by Gym Class Heroes


What other social media inspired songs do you know of?


Looking for some more rockin’ beats?
Check out Mashable’s Social Media Mix Tape.


11 Responses to “Social Media Songs”

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  2. Majento Says:

    Man, good ome. thanks

  3. Oh yeah, Weezer’s Pork and Beans is my favorite:

  4. How about “You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter”? ;o)

    Nice list. Enjoyed them all!

  5. Hao Chen Says:

    Ben, nice one! Added to the list. Thanks. @Sonciary, love the Pork and Beans video, but it uses clips from viral videos, rather than singing about social media.

  6. Chris Loft Says:

    My favourite can only be found at MySpace – Frank Siddarta sings “I got it on the Internet” – have a listen

    Oh year, he could use some friends, and he gives singing lessons, you too could sound like Frank Siddarta!

  7. Hao Chen Says:

    Matt: LOL, nice job, man.

  8. Milan Mcclee Says:

    Great, true artificial, specially from the major news corperations with the big slants to the left or right. Did you see last nights Red Eye? haha, that was hilarious! Sorry, I’m rambling along once again. Have a Great 1!

  9. my voice sucks on karaoke that is why i am taking sining lessons now from professionals .”*

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