55 Reasons Why Friendfeed Is Going Mainstream

July 31, 2008

I’ve read a few articles explaining why Friendfeed will never go mainstream. Well, I think it will because…

  1. Friendfeeders are sharing more than just tech.
  2. It’s addictive.
  3. Steve Rubel is thinking of changing his business card URL to Friendfeed.com/steverubel.
  4. Robert Scoble is starting to use slang.
  5. You just might find your mom on Friendfeed.
  6. Here’s another Friendfeed List (that’s not techie!).
  7. FF enthusiasts are starting to make gang signs.
  8. Here, your followers actually participate.
  9. People share inspiring stories.
  10. Jake has to remove subscriptions to get to the techie stuff.
  11. FFers are good people.
  12. People just like to like stuff.
  13. Popular services on Friendfeed get a lot of attention.
  14. You get to read real news story about Bennigan’s shutting doors without notice.
  15. Late adopters are already here.
  16. People like Mona are great connectors.
  17. There is a Fans page on Facebook dedicated to Friendfeed.
  18. Pink is the new black.
  19. Wearing a helmet can save your life.
  20. Stories like Christian the Lion make you cry.
  21. People enjoy sharing stories.
  22. You just ate some ho-made soup.
  23. Three year olds kick ask.
  24. Popular microblogging services are added to FF soon after they launch.
  25. Writing happy birthday on your friend’s Facebook wall isn’t as much fun as posting it on FF.
  26. Doodling on signs is fun.
  27. You find genius products like this here.
  28. You LOL’d at the zombie kid.
  29. FAILpics are funny.
  30. Scaring your friends is fun.
  31. You get to learn about pork’s dirty secret.
  32. You get to see lettuce dork challenge all the bacon dorks.
  33. You discover AT AT scrollers. What? Star Wars is mainstream. Don’t believe me? Check IMDB.
  34. You can show a token of friendship, with a side of bacon.
  35. You can explore 92 More Must See Creative Photographs.
  36. Your friends understand the latest bacon meme.
  37. You want to ride the mowercycle.
  38. You want to eat a space invader cupcakes.
  39. You like pictures of corn fields.
  40. Bananas are funny.
  41. You saw the Best cat video ever on FF.
  42. You saw the Best street sign intersection ever on FF.
  43. You saw weird pictures of the Droste Effect on FF.
  44. You saw pictures and had a discussion about places of interest.
  45. Everyone loves babies.
  46. People like to share book recommendations.
  47. The shoplifting seagull is hilarious.
  48. Tad has friends.
  49. You LOL’d at Neverending story, the early years.
  50. Mango is the new bacon.
  51. People here are more willing to share stuff about themselves.
  52. We like fishies with funny facial expressions.
  53. Dolphins make you happy.
  54. The quick brown DOGS jump over the fence.
  55. You are reading this.

12 Responses to “55 Reasons Why Friendfeed Is Going Mainstream”

  1. Eyebee Says:

    I like it. Why did you stop at 55?

  2. Justin Says:

    Awesome list and well crafted. Can’t believe you actually linked back to every single one.

  3. Majento Says:

    :-) loving this list, 38 is my favorite, Hao check 17 unless i missed something…

  4. aureliusmaximus Says:

    dude! I think you just singles handedly wiped out the need for the Friend Feed Hall of Fame Room – that and the fact that some dude has posted random links there and I don’t have the heart to delete them.

    Epic post!

  5. […] check out this list of FriendFeed memes put together by Hao Chen which are meant to prove out why FriendFeed is going mainstream. My favorite: explanation of the new and bizarre bacon meme. “Wife was not amused” […]

  6. Jake Says:

    I feel honored to be featured. =P (see #10)

  7. Yuvi Says:

    56. Snap links are annoying, and Friendfeed doesn’t have them.

  8. Hao Chen Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    @Eyebee I only stopped at 55 because even going thru a week’s worth of FF entries is hard work! Haha

    @Majento Ohh, #17 was an entry by Susan Beebe who has a private feed. Thanks for catching that! I’ll fix that.

    @Marco No way, FFHOF is still epic!

    @Yuvi LOL, yes, they are!

  9. smbeebe Says:

    57. You’ll meet really amazing new friends on FriendFeed and read their blogs! w00t!

    Susan Beebe

  10. pligg.com Says:

    55 Reasons Why Friendfeed Is Going Mainstream…

    A few articles explaining why Friendfeed will never go mainstream….

  11. […] falls jemand zwar von Twitter überzeugt ist, aber noch Vorbehalte gegenüber FriendFeed hat, kann diesen sehr guten Artikel von Hao Chen lesen, der im Kern nur aus Verweisen auf FriendFeed besteht – wirklich sehr gut […]

  12. […] 55 Reasons Why Friendfeed Is Going Mainstream « Web 0.2 – Hao Chen (tags: friendfeed) […]

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