List of FFers I Appreciate and Recommend

July 25, 2008

In no particular order, this list represents only a small fraction of the Friendfeed community who deserves to be mentioned for adding all kinds of value to our FF experience. I highly recommend subscribing to all the people below. Here’s to you, good people of FF for making it a better place for us all! ::Kristen:: (jeff)isageek Akiva Moskovitz Alan Le AJ Batac Atul Arora Allen Stern Anna Haro Benjamin Golub Brian Daniel Eisenberg Bwana McCall Cee Bee Chris Baskind Chris Harris Corie Allison Czar D.J. Peterman Dobromir Hadzhiev Duncan Riley edythe felix Gaby Benkwitz Harvey Simmons Hutch Carpenter J. Phil JA Castillo Jonathon Justin Korn l0ckergn0me Lindsay Donaghe LouCypher Louis Gray Marco Mark Forman Mark Krynsky Mark Trapp Mathew A. Koeneker Matt Baron melmcbride MG Siegler Michael C. Harris Michelle Miller Michael W. May mike “glemak” dunn Mike Fruchter Mitchell Tsai Mona N Morton Fox Rahsheen Porter Rob Diana Robert Scoble Robert Seidman Sarah Perez sergiooo (droffset) Stefan Hayden Steve Isaacs Steve Rubel Shey Susan Beebe Tad Donaghe Tamar Weinberg Thomas Hawk xero Vince DeGeorge Vincent X Yuvi Yolanda


17 Responses to “List of FFers I Appreciate and Recommend”

  1. pixelbits Says:

    Thank you for including me!!

  2. sheenonline Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I actually made it onto someone’s list…and for doing good even :)

    Thanks Hao! You contributions to the FF community are very much appreciated as well.

  3. aj batac Says:

    Thanks for the link love! :)

  4. aureliusmaximus Says:

    feeling is def mutual man – you have added a great deal to my ff experience – thanks!

  5. Love your posts and contributions to FriendFeed, Hao. Thanks for including me on your list!

  6. Colby Olson Says:

    Guess I need to step it up.

  7. Jake Says:

    The real day will be when I get on such a list. :)

    -Jake (aka Jawee)

  8. jeff Says:

    hey thanks for the mention on the post and glad i can add some value to friendfeed. I am a huge fan of it!

  9. Hao Chen Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Great to have y’all as friends on FF.

    Colby and Jake, I haven’t forgotten about you. :)

  10. LouCypher Says:

    Thanks for including me, although I’m too quiet I almost don’t write or share anything.

  11. Mark Krynsky Says:

    Dude, you are the FriendFeed rockstar. It’s because of your Greasemonkey scripts that FF is a much better experience for me. Three cheers for Hao!

  12. Mark Forman Says:

    Hao thanks for the link and all the good grease monkey work.

  13. Hao Chen Says:

    You guys deserve it.

    I need to update this list soon. I know I missed a lot of great people.

  14. erhan Says:

    Great list, thanks for adding me :p Heheh!

  15. smbeebe Says:

    COOL LIST!! Thanks for adding me too!! =)

  16. Gordon Swaby Says:

    Sadly i never make it onto anyone’s list…oh well

  17. geekmommy Says:

    Right there with you Gordon… but it usually tells me more about whether I’ve made a connection with the poster than anything else.

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