, Not Perfect, But Good Enough

July 3, 2008

This is a response to everyone complaining about being yet another microblogging service.

In today’s world, time is a luxury you don’t have. Release your product too early, it’s featureless or users don’t understand it, they won’t come back. Release too late, and someone else has surely beat you to the punch. Being a web developer, I understand that it’s okay to release something that is not perfect. You want to release something that is just good enough. Good enough to give users a reason to join and come back. You want to be agile, transparent, and open. Let the users know when the next release is and what to expect. Iterate quickly, fixing those bugs and adding more key features as you build up your core user base. Speed is key. That is the ingenuity of Web 2.0. is not perfect, but it’s good enough. Now is the perfect time to release, when Twitter is failing, and people are looking for refuge. Also, it’s open source, which means the best and the brightest software engineers in the world will have a chance at creating a scalable, decentralized Twitter clone. Even on Day 0, so much happened. There was an issue with RSS that people pointed out when importing to other services like Friendfeed, and evan fixed it within an hour. There were no Replies, so people took it onto themselves to write a Greasemonkey script and a Yahoo Pipe. Many people already started looking at the code.

Much work is needed to be done, but I, for one, have high hopes for

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One Response to “, Not Perfect, But Good Enough”

  1. I think you’re absolutely on the money. By releasing now, Evan has suddenly got a heap of developers interested early enough that smart people can talk through design issues, as well as help fix things.

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