Friendfeed Greasemonkey Scripts

June 29, 2008


New! From the creator of Better Friendfeed “subscribed to me” is an even potentially cooler script, Better Friendfeed “recommended”. Sick of Friendfeed’s dull, static recommended page? Use “better recommended” to ACTUALLY find some interesting friends! How does it work, you ask? It loads up your subscriptions, then loads up your subscriptions’ subscriptions, and lists in order the most popular subscriptions that your subscriptions are subscribed to! WTH did you just say, you ask? I have no clue; it’s 5am on a Sunday! YAY!

Anyway, you can install Better Recommended here.

Better Friendfeed \

…or Better Subscribed To Me here.

Better subscribed to me

…or Add Favicon to FriendFeed Room links here.

Favicon for Friendfeed Rooms

…or Add FriendFeed Profile here.

Add Profiles to Friendfeed


3 Responses to “Friendfeed Greasemonkey Scripts”

  1. Michael Says:

    When I hit the Better Recommended, it pops up 4 Login boxes, and I cannot get rid of them. I am using FF3 on a Mac, and on Linux, and it is doing the same thing.

  2. Hao Chen Says:

    Thanks, noted as a bug. For now, just Cancel the login boxes.

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