My Takeaways from IgniteBoston3

May 30, 2008

Ignite Boston

Update 6/2/08: Presentation slideshows now available on SlideShare.

Ignite Boston 3 had over 15 five minute keynote presentations. Here are some of my takeaways from it.

iPhone Open Application Development – Jonathan Zdziarski

  • iPhone stores way more information than you think (ie. every time you press the home button it takes a screenshot, every word you type gets added to the keyboard cache, every time you use google maps the map tiles are stored, deleted photos, contacts, web objects can all be recovered)
  • Detectives have access to iPhone forensics toolkits
  • iPhone needs to be more open/transparent, so keep on hacking
  • If you are a drug dealer, don’t take photos of your stash with your iPhone

Take a look at my pot!

PS. Thanks for the book!

Distributed Twitter – Joe Cascio

  • Twitter can be made more reliable if it’s distributed
  • If you’re interested in helping, join their google group and attend the Thursday meeting at Berkman

The Open Source Marketing Checklist – Jeff Whatcott

  • Selling open source is hard (1 in 1000 people who download actually pay)

Web 2.0 is Sharecropping – Jesse Vincent

  • Web 2.0 tools are everywhere, don’t just rely on other people’s tools or you might get screwed

Digital Goods, The Future of Online Communities – Ravi Mehta

  • Virtual goods = $
  • Tencent makes 5x more per user than Facebook and has 4x higher operating margin than Yahoo

Photo: Lewis County Herald


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