BarCampBoston 3: Sunday

May 18, 2008


A smaller crowd showed up on Sunday. Good for more of an intimate setting and for discussions. Recap of the sessions I attended.

Programming the Twitter API


John Eckman showed us some of the basics of the Twitter API, and how he used it to code his ReTweeter PHP script. Check out his blog post for slides and code.

Warning: Setup new twitter accounts for testing. Do not use live accounts. 450 SMS messages may have financial consequences. :)

No where! – Living/working/hiring remotely

James Hall who works at Renesys, where many employees work virtually all over the country, led this discussion/Q&A. Some points I picked up:

  • let employees take ownership of projects
  • give employees room to experiment with their own projects (~20% of time)
  • get everyone together for meetings in real life often (at least every couple weeks)
  • working at home, single, bored and/or lonely? Get a dog.
  • documentation on a wiki
  • co-working sites++
  • There was a woman who was somewhat interested in starting a Cubes & Crayons type co-working + child care site in Cambridge/Boston. She seemed reluctant, but I think it’s a good idea, so if she is reading this, I think you should do it. :)

Hiring Hackers – How to Tell if Someone is Good

A few of the hackers from HubSpot led the discussion on how to find and evaluate good programmers.

  • craigslist, events/meetups > monster, dice, 37signals
  • hackathons
  • infosessions at college/universities (make the presentation interesting and advertise FREE FOOD)
  • solve puzzles
  • see if they are a good teacher = high level of understanding
  • programming tests
  • get them out of their comfort zone and see how they react/solve

At The Intersection of Everything


Flickr: Poagao

Jay Neely made a great presentation and sparked a really interesting discussion over privacy control (or lack thereof), next gen devices (location, presence aware, always connected), information overload, using social networks as filters, using semantic information, and more. His talk was based on his article, Building the Future’s Foundations: The Platforms of the Web.

  • Three types of photos, three social networks: professional, personal, drunken rage = LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace
  • no privacy on the internet (“we’re all screwed”) vs. separating accounts/persona, being self-aware and appropriate all the time
  • where does the privacy control/filter take place? Device vs. web service vs. social networking site, automatic vs. manual, photos need semantic data?

Also, check out this hilarious video on Social Networking Wars.

Another great day at BCB. Thanks for reading, and see you all at the next conference.


3 Responses to “BarCampBoston 3: Sunday”

  1. James Hall Says:

    Just for the record. I led the Nowhere! discussion. J(essica) Baumgart does work with me at Renesys, and is also an awesome person to get to know. :) Glad the talk seemed useful to people.

  2. Hao Says:

    Updated, thanks. Didn’t catch your name and only saw one person on the wiki referencing Renesys. Sorry about that.

  3. Неплохо, сносно.

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