BarCampBoston 3: Saturday

May 17, 2008


BCB3 was a great experience. I learned something new at every session and met some awesome people. I’m hoping to attend Sunday as well. Here’s a run down of the sessions I attended on Saturday.

Nabaztag – The WiFi Rabbit!


Jay Ayres demoed Nabaztag, a cute WiFi-connected smart rabbit with a bunch of other attached goodies. For $165, this rabbit can do text2speech, obey voice recognition, detect objects (RDIF), play music, speak 16 languages, interact with anything on the web (RSS feeds, weather, stock quotes) including other wabbits, and more. Check out the Nabaztag website to see what it’s all about. I totally ordered one.

Future of Video Games discussion

This was a round table discussion led by Darius Kazemi, Scott Macmillan, and Chris Bowen. 30 mins was too short and a continuation session was added later in the afternoon. Talked about..

  • people who play games might not know they are gamers (casual gamers)
  • games moving towards free to play + microtransactions (taken off in Asia)
  • open source clients for MMOs within 5 years
  • convergence of casual gaming and hardcore gaming (Example: hardcore RPG gamer having a family, still want to play a game with a rich experience, but cannot spend as much time vs. occasional Facebook app gamer interested in a more complex game)
  • gamer: “won’t play a game that wastes my time”
  • Tetris can be immersive, “Bejeweled” players can be hardcore gamers
  • pervasive gaming (might be easier to get into using next gen location based mobile devices) and its issues including “casual” pervasive gaming
  • how the gaming industry is currently a walled garden (most game developers don’t know much about social media/web 2.0, “What’s delicious?”) and movement towards breaking down those walls
  • hardware/VR plays on games (good for military because they need simulations as real as possible, but bad for consumers — they want to play a game to escape reality)

Lunch Time!

Pizza gooooood.

Agile, Distributed Software Dev


Andy Singleton of Assembla talked about how to steamline your software development process. I missed the beginning of the presentation. Here are some things I picked up:

  • nightly builds
  • database migration scripts
  • bug tracking system
  • unit testing
  • documentation on wiki (process for new developers)
  • short release cycles (1-2 weeks, 2 mos max for big project and stick to them)
  • always schedule follow on release shortly after upcoming release (in case need to bump a feature out of upcoming release)
  • prioritize > estimates
  • let devs pull tickets, rather than push to save time
  • build now, rebuild later
  • beta users as your QA team

iPhone Development for Earthlings


Dan Grover showed us some Objective C. And um…the iPhone is cool. Yeah…Oh, and he needs to release his iPhoneFinger software that simulates a finger to use on the simulator as seen in this quicktime movie of his Google Maps clone. =)

Update 6/6/08: Dan released PhoneFinger.

Viral Marketing Q&A

Matt Peters is a really cool guy. His company Pandemic Labs is a pioneer in social media strategy services. He led the discussion about viral marketing. We talked about a few topics including:

  • viral marketing is too new, no experts
  • the viral video Will It Blend? by BlendTec. Trivia: the guy in the video is the CEO, and the first video was shot for $600 including the video cam.
  • @comcastcares will have someone call you within 10 mins if you complain to them on Twitter
  • Eons – harder to get older crowd into digital space, direct email marketing worked for them, users used the service as a dating site
  • viral marketing is not the best strategy for everyone (ie. a database management system)
  • viral [expansion] loop, double viral loop (read Ning’s Infinite Ambition)
  • having a blog and doing SEO optimization are both important – I’m looking at you @girk and @mypunchbowl :)
  • put your blog on your company’s URL like and not or for SEO purposes

That’s all for Saturday. Apparently, I missed out on some Second Life plugin that facilitates tele-dildonics equipped cyber sex. Someone will have to fill me in on that…On second thought, nevermind. See ya tomorrow.


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  1. Matt Baron Says:

    Thanks for writing this up.

  2. […] public links >> rdif BarCampBoston 3: Saturday Saved by fx3000 on Fri 26-9-2008 Under your skin, a life within a chip: How does that sound? […]

  3. Ммм, где ещё можно подобные вещи найти?

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